PA JobSource FAQs

For the Members of AAPA


While navigating the map you will see different color dots. Each dot signifies a location where PAs practice today. The different colors of the dots determine whether or not the employer at this site is hiring, networking or inactive. 

 The green dot with the plus means this site is advertising job openings. 

 The solid green dot indicates an employer who is open to connecting with PAs but may not have open positions at this time. 

 The gray dot signifies an employer that is within the field of PAs but may or may not be hiring. Click the "I'm Interested" button on these sites to connect with an AAPA Member Referral team member, and we'll help you connect with the employer.

On PA JobSource, every site that has or is looking for a PA is located on the map. To find specific locations or sites, use the filter in the header and select ‘Hiring’. Hiring sites are locations that are actively looking for a PA and will have jobs posted on their site profile.

Filters are a great way to narrow down job search criteria. On PA JobSource, there are 3 ways to filter:

Site Status Filter

Hiring: the site is has active job postings and is actively looking for PAs to hire.

Networking: the site may not have an active job position, but is looking to connect and build relationships with PAs, to fill positions as they arise.

Inactive: unknown if the site is actively hiring or not, but AAPA members can still inquire about the location.

Setting Filter

By selecting a practice setting the map will update to only include the facilities that match your selection.

Employment Type Filter

Since there are many different arrangements that PAs have with their employers and clients, you can use the employment type filter to search specifically for sites that are hiring for the type of arrangement that suits you (Full Time, Part Time, Contract, etc). 

You can save and customize your job search in a few different ways on PA JobSource. 

Market Follows: Click the Follow Market button in the top right at any view of the map to get updates and notifications for all sites and jobs listed in that area. 

Site Follows: When viewing a site profile click the Follow Site button to get updates and notification specific to that site. 

Job Follows: When viewing a job that interests you, simply click on the Follow Job button and it will be added to your follow list and you will be notified of any updates. 

You can use the  "follow" feature to get updates on jobs and sites. By clicking the Follow button on sites and jobs you will automatically be set up to receive notifications when changes to the site or a job are made by the employer. You can manage your follows by clicking on Notifications on the top right of the navigation bar.

In addition to practice sites, PA JobSource has also incorporated data to show what living and working in your desired location would look like. 

Personal Interest layers will let you get a sense of median home prices, commute times, arts and entertainment, and more for areas where you focus your search.  Layers also let you view states where supervision is opted out. To understand the scale of each layer, enable the legend bubble(s) and see the map automatically adjust based on your selections. 

How do I connect with employers I am interested in?

Every site allows you to connect with an employer. 

Hiring & Networking Sites: Message or share your profile with an employer by using the “I'm Interested” feature at the bottom site or job. 

Inactive Sites: Connect with an AAPA Member Referral team member on inactive sites by using the "I'm Interested" button. Ask questions or express interest in a site and work with the Member Referral team member to get connected to the Employer.

PA JobSource Member Referral FAQs